When Laugharne Corporation was created way back in 1290 it must have seemed like Christmas for the ordinary people of the place. They were now free men, they could elect their own leader – hundreds of years before this happened in the rest of Britain – and they shared in the use and ownership of the Corporation’s lands and properties.

Such was the quality of the Charter that set up these provisions that the Corporation has survived throughout history right up to the present day. I am proud to be a present-day member – a burgess – of the Corporation and to be the son of a former elected leader – a Portreeve – of the Corporation.

G Bryan, October 2010

Laugharne Castle

This 19th Century engraving of Laugharne Castle is reproduced from the Gentlemen Magazine of the period. It shows an aspect of the castle that has been lost since material has been deposited during the late 20th Century on the area in front of the Castle to create a walk to the Boathouse